Or do you rather want to visit Kiruna during the summer ???

In case you want to visit Kiruna during the time of the midnight sun you’re very welcome to participate in our tours and excursions in Lapland or to follow our excursions to Norway! We recommend a day trip to Narvik and a journey on the iron ore train .

Alternatively you can enjoy the midnight sun in Norway during a bright night on the beach in Narvik.

Or just follow us from Kiruna on a day tour to the Lofoten ,

or – JUST DO IT – book a day tour from Kiruna to the famous Northcape in Norway

Do you travel to Kiruna to see the aurora borealis ?

If you plan to travel to Kiruna to see the aurora borealis / the northern lights we can offer you an extraordinary choice of tours and excursions under the dark sky. Our aurora borealis tours in Kiruna , our very personal northern lights excursion to Abisko, aurora tours to Norway (more details on www.norwayauroraborealis.com) or an excursion to watch aurora in Finland (or just check out www.finlandauroraborealis.com). You can choose if you prefer a relaxed aurora barbeque under the northern lights or if you want to go to see aurora by snowmobile. As real “SPECIALS” we provide aurora borealis package tours in Lapland and – for christmas – our Abisko aurora borealis charity excursion in the north of Sweden. To make sure that you will have best possible weather conditions we provide a multiple weather forecast for Kiruna and – very soon – the weather forecast for Abisko as well. Our free aurora borealis photography guide is to read on www.laplandphotos.com